Feature Highlights:

  • Review Any Format
  • High quality, Frame-accurate HD-SDI playback
  • Full CC and Ancillary data Support
  • Direct integration to shared storage platforms
  • Harmonized, automated and manual QC review
  • Simple editing and Segmentation
  • Metadata entry, validation and review
  • Flexible Audio Monitoring
  • GUI, Edit controller, VTR, or automation control
  • Cleary defined and extensible web service APIs
  • Flexible metadata interchange
More Information

iCR Player enables operators to instantly review shared assets at any point in the workflow, eliminating the need to transfer assets off shared storage or transcode to an alternative playback format.  Monitoring of all media properties through a single interface  with high Quality, frame accurate, HD-SDI playback, full Closed Captions and Ancillary data support and flexible audio monitor equates to elevated trust and confidence.

Embedded tools and plug-ins for metadata entry and review, simple mark-up, editing and segmentation increase operator efficiency while implementation of web services or serial control (VDCP or BVW) allows for easy integration of control panels and automation tools.


  • Trust your content with professional HD-SDI monitoring
  • Monitor all media properties (video, audio, data) through a single interface


  • Combine QC review and metadata entry through a purpose-built GUI
  • Instantly review shared assets at any point in the workflow – no need to transcode or transfer

Ease of Integration

  • Automate playback, clip loading, metadata validation, user-form control and QC event customization via standard IT Protocols
  • Seamlessly playback all major formats regardless of source

Play recommended product configurations:

  • iCR Review Player

    AmberFin iCR File Player and File Player SDI - File playback, markup and annotation with optional SDI and HDSDI playout.

    iCR VTR Layback Player

    High quality, frame accurate HD-SDI layback to tape

    UQC Server

    Introduce new levels of trust and confidence to your media file creation and distribution processes.