Standards Conversion

Standards Conversion


Benefits at a glance:
  • Designed for file based workflow
  • High quality up, down and cross conversion
  • Superior quality interlaced to progressive handling
  • A fraction of the cost of hardware format and standards convertors
  • Comprehensive file rewrapping tools
  • Reliable audio file format support
  • Fully Featured Transcode system included


More Information

The industry is moving away from Video based workflow to File based workflow. File based workflow often involves Transcoding (changing compression, for example from DV to MEPG2) or rewrapping files (changing wrappers, for example from MXF0P1a to QuickTime). 
It involves handling a huge range of input and output file formats from web and mobile, through SD and HD.

Many software Transcoders just aren’t good enough at performing format or standards conversion for quality sensitive customers.

So, that’s why customers are still relying on old hardware standards converters.

But Traditional baseband video hardware converters aren’t designed to work in file based workflow.

AmberFin offer an ‘all in one’ approach, where iCR can take care of ingest, format conversion, standards conversion and transcoding in a single application. AmberFin integrates directly with generic SAN and NAS systems as well as with a wide range of IT centric modern Broadcast vendor systems.

That means high quality, efficient workflow, with opportunities to save costs and time through automating processes and reducing the need for manual tape layoffs.


iCR Standards Conversion recommended product configurations:

  • iCR Full Transcoder

    Best in class multi format image resize, transcoding and re-wrapping software.

    iCR Works

    AmberFin iCR Works - Fully featured toolset, including: Ingest, Transcoding, QC and Review, Versioning and Format Conversion.

    UQC Server

    Introduce new levels of trust and confidence to your media file creation and distribution processes.